Saturday, 12 April 2014

Easter Blessings

This tutorial was written by a WWI group owner and, if there is any similarity or resemblance to any other tutorial, then that is purely a coincidence.  
I have permission to use this beautiful image from Lilok-Lilok whose work you can view HERE   Do not use Lilok’s work unless you have permission.
A mask of your choice
All the supplies are made by myself  HERE
Font used: Mr. Leopolde – not supplied

Open the WWIMagicalTutsBlessingsBackground and the WWIMagicalTutsBlessingsWArt.pspimage
Duplicate the Background using Shift+D and close out the original – the result will be our working image
Layers / New Mask Layer / From Image / Find your chosen mask and press Ok
Merge / Merge Group
Duplicate this layer
Image / Mirror
Image / Flip
Copy your tube and Paste as a New Layer
Image / Resize / Resize All Layers unchecked / Resize by 75%
Copy Merged and take into Animation Shop and Paste as a New Animation
Ctrl+L until you have 14 frames in total and Edit / Select All
Open the WWIMagicalTutsCloudAnimation.mng and Edit / Select All
Slide Frame 1 of the Cloud Animation onto Frame 1 of your tag positioning the top cloud so that it obscures her face as below
Now return to PSP and Copy the WWIMagicalTutsBlessingsWordArt.pspimage
Return to Animation Shop and Paste as a New Animation
Ensure that you have all frames of your tag selected
Edit / Propagate Paste
Now move your word art into position on Frame 1 and it should appear on all the other frames
Animation / Resize / Resize to 600 pixels wide
Now we can add our artist’s copyright information and licence # if applicable without any danger of it becoming distorted during resizing.
Prepare the copyright in PSP, Copy and take into Animation Shop and Paste as a New Animation.
Again, ensure that all frames of your tag are selected
then slide onto Frame 1 in a suitable position
Animation / Frame Properties / Set to 20
Animation / Animation Properties / Set to Opaque and White
Finally add your name or some other greeting of choice made in PSP and brought into Animation Shop as in the procedure for the copyright above.
That’s all – you have finished your Easter Blessings tag
We hope you have enjoyed this tutorial

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